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2017-02-01 11:49
Great benefits for blueberry
Great benefits for blueberry

Scientific American study at the University of Cincinnati found that cranberry juice helps improve memory.

The study included 16 people, aged 78-year rate, and drinking nine participants from two cups of cranberry juice a day over 12 weeks, while eating seven other sweet juice and placebo.

The participants were suffering from cognitive problems related to aging, and grew up in age, it showed people who drank cranberry juice better results in tests of memory compared to other participants who did not take cranberry juice.

The study reported that the benefits of cranberry avoid the risk of memory disease or delay as long as possible. As they contain antioxidants such as Anthocyanins which helps fight inflammation and Alzheimer's disease, and has been associated with an increase Anthocyanins nerve signals in the brain.


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